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Plz tell a way for comparing performance of c++ made dataStructures in external memory,help.

I have 2 tree data structures that i made in c++. I am using ubuntu. I need help in understanding the way to compare the performance of these two datastructures (for database rangequery /point queries) in external memory. Please suggest how can i do this?

I searched a lot over the internet , i didn't find any clear idea on how this is done. I know i can measure disk IOs , memory consumption , cpu usage etc using ubuntu dstat, iostat commands. I need some accurate and professional way to do this, if any one has done this kind of thing please share.
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one way for comparing algorithms is scalability.
You give them 10 entries and do some thing with them. You compare the time it takes.
You then give them 100 entries and repeat the test.
Next you go for 1000 and repeat the test and compare the times.
then even higher 10000. You then make a graph with the entries and time. This way you see what tree is better.
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