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Making A coding Team make anywhere from 10k-100k

Hello so recently I have been trying to create a coding team of 5 and I already have 2 coders

So far the group has made 135k and you can make the same
the info is below

I am the master coder of the group please remember that!!

Please contact me by :

sending me an email at

======================Info below

The team will be me and 4 other coders I will be doing all graphics design and selling

what the group will do:

we will be making products that I will sell in C++ or other languages
products we will be making are hacking products like the following

Bitcoin Miners
Http botnets
java drive by's
Survey locker

The group splits the money made equally

When I use to do this on my own I once made 500k this is a serious deal

I will be going away for 2 weeks tommorow so send me email and skype request with this msg

want to be a coder 2 weeks

I will be accepting the better coders

so explain why you are the better coder
Some of those projects sound illegal, could you please clear that up?

I can make these look through my posts, although I am not going to help unless it is Legal.

PM me for info.
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Non of this stuff is illegal
I did research into this "team" I found a lot of bad things, such as this being Organised in HF (Hack Forums) and such.

Next a lot of people looking around internet say this is a scam attempt.

All of these are Illegal JDB are definately illegal unless you have permission and 99% are all illegal and 500k is a total fake number unless you show me valid proof to everone and show us lisenses and such to prove that you are legit and not a Cyber Crook.

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