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Trading Systems Architect / C++, Linux Systems Architect

Looking for contract / consulting gigs.


• Over 12 years of professional experience in Financial Industry
• Executive Director experience at major Investment Banks
• Hardcore skills developing low latency, high frequency systems
• Expertise in

o C++, C++11, Perl, Java
o Linux
o Product development
o Multithreaded concurrent systems
o Distributed systems and IPC
o TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast
o Messaging middleware (29 West LBM, Tibco, Solace)
o Template meta-programming
o Database programming (Oracle, Sybase, Postgress)
o Version Control, Release and deployment management
o Market Data, Order entry protocols, Exchange connectivity, Colo centers, Equity dark pools

• Experience managing teams, interfacing with traders, business and sales, system admins, network admins, and outside vendors
• Experience designing and managing co-lo centers
• Experience designing, developing, and managing state of the art critical systems with P&L in hundreds of millions of $s
• MS in Mathematics and Computer Science from reputed University

Interested in early stage start ups, individual traders, and smaller firms.

Reach out to me to further discuss experience, qualifications, projects etc.

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