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I am 11 years old and have currently been programming C++ for a couple of months. I have a C++ college textbook and I'm currently 300 pages into it, but it is second edition and I need more help. I am looking for someone who can privately tutor me for free. I am not an absolute beginner, but I still need help. PM if you would like to help me! :D
Hello! I am a 4th year college student; not a programming major, but Electronic Engineering. I have taken Python and C++ courses, and am willing to offer as much help as possible. First, exactly where are you in the book? What topics have you covered so far, and do you understand them? Let me know so I can help put it together for you.
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hello friends

You will get the easy solutions for the different programs, here is the link try this site.

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I know the basics, ints doubles chars bools floats.Sleep Beep. I also know if else switch loops return and exit. I need help with cin.get and cin.ignore
Hello modic visit this site hope ur query will be sorted here.
I can teach you the basics of C++ : email me @
I like to help too
e-mail me
Would anyone mind helping me learn the basics of C++ ?
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You can easily get help on the Beginner forum of this website. It is free of charge and as long as you state your questions clearly you will almost always get a reply.

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This is a great group.
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