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Hey guys,

Long time lurker of the site and decided to join to try and get more dedicated help to become an expert myself.

I'm currently in college and taking the beginning c++ courses and its gotten to be way over my head. Are there any experienced programmers out there that can HELP, absolutely not do, my assignments with me step by step explaining the concepts, guiding me, and acting as a mentor this semester(until December)? I'm definitely a visual learner and the examples given to me when compared to my homework sadly don't make sense to me.

We can work out budget and communication details such as skype/phone but I am looking for someone knowledgeable, patient, preferably from/in the U.S. that can speak English without an accent, and available in the evening hours (EST) on a regular schedule. Feel free to post on this board or message directly and thanks for any and all help.
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i'd be interested,add me on skype:
Search for me on skype
ibraheem abukhdair

I don't have an accent either lol. Btw change your user settings so you can accept private messages.

Like the guy above me said, you should accept PMs.
I don't normally reply to these things in the job section (i rarely look in the jobs section, actually), but I could seriously use some extra cash; trying to pay my way through college, and I've very quickly run out of fun money -- Parties are so much less fun when you don't have booze.
Which begs the question, how the hell can you afford a tutor? :P

Modify your profile settings to accept PMs and we can talk more, if you're interested.
Hello @remixed1113 i have a strong accent, i learned english doing programs and reading/listening plenty of programming materials -university classes,books (bible size),online courses..- but i can help you anyway, throughout all C++ basics preferably as i do in this forum -check my posts- and resolving together your assignments.
I can charge to you 10$ by chapter, for example:
Chapter 1.-Introduction to C++ programming
.To write simple computer programs in C++.
.To write simple input and output statements.
.To use fundamental types.
.Basic computer memory concepts.
.To use arithmetic operators.
.The precedence of arithmetic operators.
.To write simple decision-making statements.
With a special section of exercises -from teaching books-

Send me a private message if you are interested.
Hey guys,

Sorry it took me so long. Hell week at work (that's how I can afford a tutor btw). I just modified my profile settings to accept PM's. Just pm me letting me know your rates, background, etc. and we'll start asap.

Appreciate all the responses and help.
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