Hiring Programmer (low pay)

Hello. I'm looking for only 1 programmer to basically do my evil bidding. Muahahahahaaaaa. Just kiddin.

I do need a programmer though who knows how to design a basic 2D game and incorporate images and textures and such into a program. Or even if you are an expert DOS programmer, I could still use you for framework, prototype, storyboard type stuff.

Again the pay is not much but if you just wanna make a little money, send me a message here on the forum and we'll talk on skype or email or something.

Also, I prefer making payments via paypal.
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I'm an experienced, 20+ years C++, developer with day job in military software development and a passion in game programming which I work on in my spare time.
I made a little concept proof demo for a simple 2D arcade retro game in october, running under linux, windows and android (this last one i had no time to finish compiling but i could do it in a few days), which i could show you in case.

If you are still looking for a programmer I might be interested.

Let me know,

I am experienced in both Security and Game programming. I have already pleased a customer before:

I can develop 3rd Game, for you with realistic simulation of physics and water lighting. I too developed a montage\proof-demo of the game. I would be honoured to show it.

I can develop a advanced 3rd Game both compatible with:
- Microsoft Xbox 360
- Sony PlayStation 3
- Microsoft Windows

Additionally, I can develop the game in few days - with realistic destruction models, Water simulation, Vehicle\Transport Control, Weather control.

A additional screen-shot: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-61SYI2rsfWY/Um6Gr2oRdDI/AAAAAAAAAFE/oh_lErkOBi4/s1600/Project+Delta.png

The job will be done is 3 - 4 days maximum and maybe faster, I will also work at a relatively cheap price.
I would be honoured to work on this project.
Feel free to PM me.

If the job is still available.

Let me Know,
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