C++/LUA gaming project

Hi all,
We are currently developing a game called "Jurassic Park Operations" using Cryengine 3 as the game engine. This is a non-profit project. You can check out our work at our website (jurassicparkoperations.com) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jurassicparkoperations). We are currently on the lookout for C++/LUA programmers for this project. Please contact us via email at info@jurassicparkoperations.com if you are interested
Great idea, and while I love to see indies succeed, I have to worry about Universal going after you for using one of their properties. Good luck with this game and I'll keep my fingers crossed that Universal lets you keep making it.
Saw this on facebook... looks cool but my problem is that above, I hope Universal lets you do this.
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