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Programmer Looking For Side Jobs


I'm looking for a few side jobs to get some experience and a bit of cash on side projects. I'm just looking for projects to someday compile into a resume, which I can present to get a real job when I'm older.

I have 2 years and I'm good with optimizing code. I'm not really of age to get a real job, so something small and not an actual job is fine. I can help with homework with beginners for a small price.

If you'd like, contact me at [removed], I check it usually a few times a day.

I'm good with SDL and I can learn plenty of other libs if you'd like me too.

I'm planning on learning SFML and WinAPI if you'd like, in the process of learning modern OpenGL.
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2 years is a fine span to be able to offer help, but I have two things I want to bring up. One is a clarification question and the other is a personal opinion that you are welcome to ignore, but I wanted to put them out there.

1) "Good with code optimization." This is to clarify. When do you do your code optimization during a project? This is one of those things that if done wrong can bite you and cost you more time.

2) "I can help with homework with beginners for a small price." Personal opinion. I think it is completely unfair and taking advantage of a beginner to have them pay for help. I received help with no one ever expecting pay and I help willingly without pay because I remember how hard it was for me.
I optimize code whenever it uses more resources than it needs.

Helping beginners with homework (Tutoring)

I'll work as long as I don't need to be above my current age.
Okay, I was just concerned. I wasn't thinking in terms of tutoring. Though, the optimization, try to be careful with premature optimization as you can get lost in trying to optimize the code and take more time to develop something. In the years I've been doing programming I was always told to optimize last and get the application up and running first. I regularly was quoted this from Donald Knuth (even during all of my college courses):
Donald Knuth wrote:
"We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil"

All that said, I hope you get some takers on this. Good luck with it.
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What I do is just finish up what I'm doing, then optimize later.
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