Strong C++ Developer, up to 55k

We are currently recruiting remarkably analytical C++ developers from any financial serviced background. The ideal candidate will be a highly self-motivated and target-oriented person with an exceptional track record in development to work for a large financial services company in London, UK.

The role offers so much in terms of career development, and is targeted at people with anything from two to five years experience.

A degree in computer science, electrical engineering, maths or physics or similar is required from a top university, and ultimately we are looking for proactive people with exceptional C++ abilities. The role offers so much in terms of career development.

Requirements - Skills

• Strong knowledge of C++
• Familiarity with stl, boost
• Familiar with building and running on LINUX, with UNIX tools

Requirements - General

• IT related degree from top university
• Desire and ability to solve complex problems, as well as identify them In advance
• Experience with algorithms, data structures and distributed systems
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Desire to mentor or develop fellow developers
• Willingness to be a team player, whilst also willing to take ownership of tasks and deliver a finished piece of work.

Please message me for more information or if you feel you are a suitable candidate.
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