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Seeking Developers for Juno Productions

Please, Before you post you wish to help, get a account for Nitous.IO and post the username in the comment post
we need image developers, Programers(javascript, C++, or flash only, state what one you can program in),a server Host(depends i might host it but theres a 1% chance il do so),and a designer(the person who makes the ideas for games and the website) experience required, non open source, quite bit of networking experience needed. Planed game: World juno, desc: A huge 2D adventure through a seemingly 3D world, With multiplayer too!
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This really isn't enough if you want people to work for you.

Some things you should include:
- Pay (if there is any)
- Hours
- Number of hired
- More info on game
- Platforms
im not doing pay im afraid
hours:whenever i can
number needed: 3 image developers, 3 programers, 1 server host, 1 designer, total of 8.
extra game info: 2.5D, pets and enemys, money to buy at the shop, multiplayer game with 3 singleplayer maps, custom map system( at least three enemys for a singleplayer map), battle, and more!
platforms: windows(might do mac and Linux)

Is it going to be open source? Is it going to be sold? How will you be distributing it?
Why only 3 programmers? Do you have any concepts drawn up? Any prototype code? What type of game is it? When I think 2D adventure, I think old school Zelda.

If you want people to help you, you're gonna have to learn to sell your product.
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