C++ tutor - $50 an hour

I need tutoring in C++. I'm a decent Java developer, but not at all strong in C++.

I've read some tutorials in C++. So I'm not looking to learn what is a class or what's a virtual function. I need help with advanced stuff, like template metaprogramming.

I'm playing around with some code with my friends. What I really want is to shoot someone an email with questions about what I'm trying to do. I tried posting on stackoverflow, but I don't want to wait for a response. You can say I want a "personalized" version of stackoverflow. I'd send an email about whatever I'm having trouble with, and you can either answer or point me to the relevant resources. A response within a few hours would be much appreciated. And I'd pay you the hourly fee accordingly.

If this sounds ok to you, please shoot me an email with a little bio about yourself.

you can email me here or at mark dot paper at gmail.com


For just asking questions on c topics you can use this forum (well, not the jobs section).
The community tries to be nice so be nice back and just make sure you have an actual question to ask that's worded clearly so that other's can help easily.

Besides that I say to many people they can ask me questions directly with private messages and I'll answer best I can, if I can't help I'll simply say so... But I won't be charging for that XD
i can tutor on c++. Please feel free to contact me
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