VGA to YPbPr Driver

NOTE: This would be either a no-pay, or very little pay job, sorry. Although it's not an important pro job either so anyone who's never tried this can have a go to gain a little experience.

I've bought a VGA-YPbPr cable and it simply doesn't work. It doesn't detect the correct display setting or even display on the TV screen (and other YPbPr input devices).

So now I either need 1 of 2 things, a specialist driver that forces the VGA port to output as YPbPr, or I need to give up on using the cable and use an adapter (which cost about £30 at least).

So I'm asking for help with the driver part, does anyone know where I could find specialised drivers, or failing that is anyone able to make such drivers. I'll give as much detail about the systems I need it for as soon as I can but some details may have to wait a little.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64b
GPU: Intel GM45 revision B3
(more details soon)
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