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Paying for console app converting to driver


i currently have this listed on elance but wanted to post here also. i need the following console app converting to a driver so it will work as a driver. some people suggested using driver to load the code as a standard dll but i dont want this and must be a standalone ring0 driver.

i believe QuerySystemInformation, KeStackAttachProcess, ReadVirtualMemory / sendinput can be used to complete most/all of this.

my budget is around $300 max and would like it to also work on x64 but not crucial. winning coder will have chance to do other work also.


bump, nobody qualified for this?
Well, I could do this however are you not the same as the guy who scammed before. as nominal said.
im nominal, lost access to my other account. i pm'd you my skype.

I quit after finding it too difficult and user cannot explain job properly.
Users insults a lot
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well it gets frustrating when i employ a coder who asks me to do most of the work regarding research, even though i provided fully commented basic c++ code to covert into a driver. i have used orion for four different projects each one he was unable to complete due to him giving up, even the most simplest solutions which was provided to him in almost c+p format he could not implement. i would avoid working with orion unless you want an hello world app but even then he may give up. orion you are a good coder it is clear from your blog but your ability to understand basic instructions and your whole philosophy on how you deal with coding is very wrong so you should not work for people anymore and just contribute where you can.

i am still looking for someone although now everything is pretty much done, just missing keyboard/mouse events in the driver so if you have experience with this let me know. thanks.
The user, should not be worked with and he stole the code from me which I did.

He will attempt to steal code of yours. AND NOT EVEN PAY

I should have got paid small amount for the
pretty much done
by me. You forgot that there but he does not pay.

DO NOT WORK! Besides, 4 can you tell me all of them plz.
Well nope, show the code then if it were public, clearly it was not thus you are keeping it private. This user is a fraud.
your kifastsystemcallhook which is on your blog, public code. also the code concept i gave you from rohitab that you could not get working which i since have got working perfectly having absolutely no coding experience at all shows you are the fraud really and just a clever c+p'er.
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Nope, code first as I did not even give the code to you lol. I think you are the fraud here.
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