In need of C++ tutor

Hello, I am need of someone that can tutor and help me with some programming assignments I am having difficulties with for at least 2-3 hours online after 9pm in California. Send me a PM in order to discuss payment amount and scheduling. Thank you.
I sent you PM...

I am 3+ year C/C++ Experience.
I can do your C/C++ work or also i am ready for tutor of Computer Science Subject /C++ Language with reasonable cost....

Skype: mota.pratik
Hi. I have 4 + years of C++ experience with 1 year of Java programming.
Database design and SQL are also part of the record.

My rate is only $9/hour.

Feel free to send me an email at:
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hi,I have 4+ years of experience in C++ and 2+ years in database ,SQL,MySQL.

I Am willing to help for $0.328( approx. 20 INR) a day.

If interested mail me at

Hi , 2+ year exp in c++.

I am ready for less than reasonable cost.
I have been writing an operating system in C. I am also pretty talented in c++ and am making a 3d online role playing game with it. Feel free to contact me on
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