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Junior C++ Programmers - Hedge Funds want you in London

Junior C++ Software Engineers
London, UK
£50-90k pa + competitive bonuses

I am working on recruitment projects for six Quantitative Hedge Funds in London. All of these firms are looking for talented junior programmers with strong academic records to join them and their teams of smart and enthusiastic software engineers.

You do not need any financial experience, just at least 1 year of commercial programming work experience and a dedicated background in technology and coding paired with a top graduate degree. These firms are full of passionate programmers who grew up hacking things together in their bedrooms and who get kicks out of solving problems using software.

You will get to work on the design and implementation of production software to collect, normalise and clean vast quantities of disparate data used for statistical research and real-time automated decision making. Develop systems used to deploy, automatically manage and monitor automated algorithms and create and performance tune competitive systems for high speed simulations and real-time event processing.

Ideal knowledge:
or any major OO language
Computer Science fundamentals
BSc/MSc in numerate degree from top-tier institution

This is a data driven world and those with a curiosity about probability, numerical algorithms and statistical models will be stimulated by the marriage of these methods with high performance technology.

Please register your interest by emailing me at nick@campbellnorth.co.uk and I will be able to provide you with a great deal more information.
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