DVR App using C++ SDK

Our old DVR software is XP only and has been put out to pasture. It needs to be completely re-written to support Windows 7/8/...

Looking for a new C++ programmer to take on this project. The last version took about 12 weeks. This should take about the same amount of time but I would expect it to be less since there are components already written and we are duplicating the functionality of the old app.

Our perfect candidate has the following skills:

* Visual Studio VC++
* Audio and video codec knowledge
* TCP/IP, security/firewall and other networking familiarity
* Lives in the Phoenix area.

If you have the technical skills but aren't "local" to Phoenix we can probably work around it. However, due to logistical and legal reasons candidates must reside in the US.

This is a contract programming job. There will likely be others after this is completed so your efforts can continue to reap ongoing projects.

If you are interested, please send your resume and contact information to Candidates that respond with a project estimate cost or hourly rate (or both) will be placed at the top of the list.

We'll be happy to provide more information to qualified candidates.
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