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Looking to refer someone to a tutor

Hi all,

I'm tutoring students in C++ - several already and I recently came across a student that doesn't know much about C++. He is in College already and doesn't know how to work his assignments.

At first, he wanted me to solve everything for him, but I eventually convinced him to go along with me as we worked the projects together. However, he keeps on looking to "speed" things up, saying he has a time constraint. I can't "speed" things up without practically "solving" it for him - completely.

He says that I lack experience in tutoring and maybe this is true. I'm hoping to find a really good C++ tutor - preferably with years of experience in the industry to refer this person to. I don't want him to waste his money on me if he feels I'm not doing a good job.

Please email me at: sparkyqian@yahoo.ca

I am happy to teach him reefer him to me: dansblackberry2@hotmail.co.uk
Thanks for all the replies and emails, everyone.

He seems to have found his own tutor, so thank you all.
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