Quick and easy 50$!!!

Hello, I have experience in Test against the clock, other students.
I have 7 years experience in C ++.

contact me. cronopiomx@gmail.com

I'd be up for it. PM me if you wish.
Academic dishonesty could result in losing that scholarship anyway, as well as possibly receiving an F for the entire course.
From the sounds of your Midterm, it was very, very , very basic.

How do you go through an entire course and not have the "simple" (which is what you said) knowledge of C++ in order to pass your final?
This is terrible doesn't he know that the risk out way the benefits?

kevinkjt2000 wrote:
Losing your scholarship and getting an F for the entire class
seems like a terrible thing to risk.

Also, on that point I feel like he is making a terrible mistake by writing on this forum wouldn't it be better to try to be more discrete, and not only that it seems like he will even be more likely to get caught. Wouldn't it be better to fail on your own than trying to cheat and fail?
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