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programmer 4 basic Sort and Display app

Hello, I'm looking to hire a "Good to Professional" programmer for my home project.

A basic " SORT and DISPLAY " C++ application to enter/modify delete
file names & descriptions in some sort of batch/automated mode
there could be (perhaps) upwards of 2000 file names.
The file names can be from -whatever source is best, DOS, Win-Dir, or Other,
so long as the app pulls in the entire Dir or Drive ( either or both ) once to populate DB.
Ought to allow re-population or update as new files become available.

It should / use the Windows platform.
- XP is ok, but prefer 7, 8.0, or 8.1
- Web base is fine - not required.
- Database should NOT be MS Access !

No 'great' hurry. - I'm flexible.

I have a zillion files, mostly images of all types including 3-d STEP
and PDF, TXT, DOC, and the usual image extensions.
Currently, the files are spewn everywhere with no organisation what-so-ever.
There is also the problem of large amounts of file duplication-which I want
this program to address - even if only visually so that the majority of duplicates can be moved/removed/addressed.

Some file duplication is welcome - such as :
A file may belong to a designer, a user, and a project.

They "belong" to individual coworkers or teams
They belong to projects
They belong to Owners using them or to the person(s) who designed/developed them.
ie a brochure belongs to the designer, and also to the team(or person)using it.

- Date/Time stamps are not critical.

Would prefer C++ or Powerbuilder
Would NOT prefer C#.
- btw, K&R 'C' is ok too.

I need to sort by:

by group/team - - (design,develop,sales,)
by file type - - (jpeg,bmp,tiff,doc,pdf,step)
by project - - (air,sea,border,handout)
by city
by partner-company name - - (att,ibm,ms.dell,hp)
by worker name - - (joesmith,lennybruce,charliebrown)

I pay can be either hourly, or pay per feature.
any more information you can contact me @ Gresham@inbox.lv

Skype: 'may' be possible, but is flaky at times.
Is this a "home project" or a "homework project"? Please clarify.
Right now it is a HOME project,
I can't seem to find a starting point - everything I've tried has lead to a dead-end.

- As criminal Clinton once remarked " What difference does it make ?"

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