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C++/Unix Programmers, NYC | to 200k or to $700/day

Our NYC client is having a big hiring event this Sat, Feb 20th. They need 30 C++/Unix guys and gals for both full time (to 200k) and consulting (to $700/day).

Local candidates preferred, but if you're qualified and can make it to NYC on the 20th at your own expense, no problem.

If you'd like to be considered, please let me know if you can make time on the 20th to meet with them and submit your resume as well as your hourly and/or salary requirements to beau[AT]open-source-staffing.com

Thank you,
Beau J. Gould
Open Source Staffing
Anyone who believes this should be pushed off a tall cliff.
$200k? I could use that money to <insert nefarious scheme here>!

"Mr. Witherington, have Ms. Cutteringsworth call my agent; tell her I need to be in New York City on Friday."
-- theme music --
Ms. Cutteringsworth being my housekeeper, and Mr. Witherington being my secret henchman/buttler.

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