Hello guys new to the site was recommended by a friend I'm looking to see if there are any experience c++ coders that may have some extra time to write some simple codes for some extra cash. I find myself stuck in trying to make a program for the following question:

A zoo park likes to generate welcome booklets for their customers; the booklet shows the family members' names, the price for each ticket. The program should ask how many adults and children tickets are needed (the price for an adult is $32.00 and $15.00 for a child). The program should calculate the total cost of tickets for a group (with both adults and children) and it should display this total cost.

if interested please reply and let me know I would appreciate it very much. Thanks

I do C++ tutoring (check my site out:

The only thing is I won't be solving the assignment for you, I'll be helping you understand the assignment and C++ so you can solve it yourself. Other than that, all my resources, etc... are at your disposal.

If you are interested, email me at:

I learned on website It is so useful for learner who attempt to learn by themselves. Hope that it can help u.
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