C++ Tutoring

Hi. I am trying to find someone that can offer me free one on one help with C++. I am struggling in data structures and would like to get help on projects that need to be completed and overall learning more than I am in class. If interested in being generous please PM me as soon as possible. If possible, I would like to work with someone that isn't so judgmental and someone that is patient.

Thanks in advance.
You'd probably learn more by going to LearnCPP.com

Finding out things about it yourself, by practicing, is going to make things "stick" better for you. If you find yourself stuck on something in particular, you can ask the question with your code on here and someone will help you. However, most people likely aren't going to take on this task.
That's a lot to ask of someone in exchange for nothing....
@zapshe // thank you. It's just that when I do post my code on here no one wants to help. They blame me for not knowing how to even be able to try.

@mbozzi // sometimes you have to ask even if the answer is no. Just trying to succeed.
If you have a discord, and know how to ask specific questions so I can respond properly, then I wouldnt mind helping out when I find time. Let me know your discord tag if that is the case.
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