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Looking for someone willing to help for beer money.

Im not a coder, just a regular advance computer user (good to search on google than the average person).I use emulators alot to play retro games, and im looking for someone that would help me achieve something that was achieved in the past but the information is lost. Anyway , ill try to explain the best i can.
I use MAME to play retro games, very popular emulator and its open source. Lately i have build a couple of games with outputs, such a lights, leds,and coin dispensers. Now in the past , someone managed to modify the code in order for those games to dispense coins correctly. I do have the compiled version that works just perfect, but it was version 142. Now i would like to be able to achieve the same with the current version, but to be honest , i read the code to many times and it seems i cant really find a way to do it.
I was just wondering if theres someone that its willing to help for beer money. Thanks for any help.

Here are the steps i think it needs to be achieved.

1 Look at the game code to find the hopper (coin dispenser) function.
2 Look at the main code to add the key wich will return the value for each coin dispensed so the game can discount or count the the coins

the code for the game, wich is called driver , you can see it here

thanks for any help.

i can help, lets talk more on this on skype - live:charles_10661 you can also reach me on charles@cisinlabs.om

charles L
I don't use Skype and your email got rejected.
Maybe if both of you actually accepted private messages, you might get somewhere.

Posting in the jobs section just to play hide and seek seems a waste of effort.
did anybody take a look at the github link above? this code is not a joke, you would spend weeks trying to decipher what the code does. lol
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