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C++ & Javascript Developer - Berlin

I am looking for Senior/Software Engineers and Software Architects who are keen to move abroad and work in Berlin for a fantastic organisation.

You will be a key contributor on a cross-functional team, developing web run-time based UI component for Maps. Work will include close collaboration with product owners, user experience designers, QA team and core maps platform developers. Depending on your qualifications and interest, you will also be closely involved in architecture, API and/or user interface definition and development.

As a senior developer you are willing to take independent responsibility on selected application areas and to lead by example. Success demands mastering latest web technologies and the ability to learn quickly in order to efficiently apply knowledge into practice.
We also have roles for people who have strengths in QT.

Comprehensive expertise in JavaScript, XHTML/CSS, AJAX, JSON and other web standards are required combined with strong C++ skills

This truly is a fantastic opportunity. If interested Email on steven_gilmore@hyphen.com and I will call you to discuss.

Are you looking for a offshoring? We are a group of Technical Professional with more than 13 years of experience. We offer services from USD 13 to USD 19 per hour depending on the years of experience. In order to get more details - please write to me at atul@sandrivertech.com
Hi Steve,

This profile is of my interest and I don't have any issue in relocating to Berlin.
I have experience of working with organisations like Ericsson (R&D), Alcatel-Lucent.
I shared my details/skill sets /projects with you on your mailID.

Looking forward for your response and further discussion.

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