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I like to work with C/C++ for free

If anyone can join me to your project as a trainee for free of charge please join me. i am very interesting on working with C++. i am a third year student in a Campus doing B.Sc in IT degree. I know C++ but do not know how to develop a project and work with efficiency and performance of a System.
If you dont mind looking through some code that has already been laid down and working in linux, my friend and I are looking for people to help with our project. PM me if you are interested :)
hi, l am writing firstly this forum. I am interested c++ and l want to write a c++ program. that is calculator but it will do array processing.
example : ((4*5)+6)*(3-(4+5))

l am write a c++ program but it is not work correctly.if you want to help me this project,you send your mail adress to me and l send my project to you.
you can join to SourceForge.net projects for free. Start with one and only one project. During the course, you can get more serious/advanced tasks, and/or join other projects.
Thanks for muratagenc.............i will join.

@ Piero Barbagelata : ok i will come to join.

@mehmet fatih atasalan : my email address is "mohamedrks@gmail.com"
@mohamedrks: You dont have PMs enabled. Can you gimme your email?
mohamedrks@gmail.com is my email address
Hey dude. Interested in a 3D RPG adventure game? Need someone with good experience to help me and my friends design and program this large game. Email mystrian101@gmail.com if you want to join in.
I am also very much interested to learn practically C Plus Plus because I already had theoretical knowledge. Can anybody tell me how can I practically be experienced about this programming language.

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