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Looking for video game developers

I am a college student and i need an experienced c++ programmer to take my skills any further than what i have already done. Sadly i do not have any money to offer. Please if any generous souls out there are willing to help email me at jblevins1991@gmail.com.
Programming is funny, your skills only go further by doing. Once you know the language it is up to you to learn APIs and SDKs to make things. Having programmers help you is beneficial to a degree, but after that it is up to you to learn things like Allegro, SDL, SFML, OpenGl, DirectX, XNA, etc by looking at tutorials and experimenting with them as you learn. Truth be told that most video game developers don't have time to do this as they are normally focused on projects or in my case building my portfolio to land a job making games. Even with help it would still fall on you to learn more and with all the sites out there that cover game development you really don't need a programmer to help, just learn, post questions to forums/irc and keep building your skills that way.
I have been programing in C and C++ since 12months, I am a University Student and i know how to make 2D games using Allegro (Game Library). I think i can help you with the knowledge i have.
I can give you nice and easy tutorials too if you want, They are available on youtube as well

#include <allegro.h>

class Player{

" " "" " " " " "" "


int main()
//Main Game Loop if using OOP
Allegro was good back when it was like Allegro 4.0.3 WIP but now that it is Allegro 5 I have grown tired of using it. To get "vanilla" Allegro 5 you have to get a lot of other libraries (PhysFS, libPNG, don't recall them all). They did away with the grabber and dat files in favor of zip files. They still refuse to add networking to the library. Allegro is being left behind as they are forcing its users to use other libraries to do what SDL and SFML have in their library by default. If you just want 2D/3D games that have no internet then Allegro is the way to go, but if you want to possibly add network play then you should look to SDL or SFML as you won't have to learn multiple APIs in order to do it.

That is the other reason I quit using Allegro. Got tired of having to write wrappers for the library to make function calls to Allegro and other libraries easier. When you are programming a game idea you don't want to spend hours going back and having to tweak wrapper code because you had to add another library that offers functionality Allegro didn't have.

I have 5+ years of experience in C++/UNIX/JSP Technologies.

I aasure that, I can do this task for you.

I have System level and core level expertise. I have worked with some of the prestigious organizations IBM, AT&T, Chrysler, Tata etc.

Kindly contact me at rockingishu007@gmail.com

I've got a lot of ideas for games and software, just haven't developed the skill to completely develop them into marketable software. The few ideas that I have hacked out are simple console applications mostly dealing with basic software functions. Despite going without a computer from time to time. I've had the same question for quite a while, and every time I think about it I get reminded that there aren't any short cuts.

Although as far as the gamedevelopment goes, I don't really have the graphics skills to draw landscapes, characters, etc. So the most that I could do at this point is create a text based game.

Good luck
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