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Student Looking for Work (Works for cheap, possibly free)

-Contact Information-
Email: NathanielSheller@gmail.com
Phone: (740) 919-1299
(I would prefer an email, as I am not able to answer my phone all the time.)

I am a student working to be a C++ programmer and Computer Engineer. I am looking for small jobs programming in C++ and possibly other languages that I know looking for both experience and small amounts of cash. I would like to work over the computer and over the phone. I am fairly experienced with C++ from doing work personally. I have been learning to program since I was 11 and it has always been a hobby of mine.

Depending on your request I may or may not be able to program it, but the odds are I am able to, and if I can it would be for cheaper then most people.

Thank you, and sorry if I seem like an inexperienced fool not having a degree in it or anything, lol.

--Nathaniel Sheller

P.S. For examples of my work, email me at NathanielSheller@gmail.com.
Couple questions.

Can you program winsock?
Can you program the serial port?
Can you program the usb port to enum HID devices?
Can you program 3d graphics?
Can you perform encryption?
Which OS's and platforms can you program on?
Do you have a portfolio of recent projects that i could see?

And by small amounts of cash how much do you mean? Can you give an amount you would charge per hour? Also would you agree that any work you are paid to develop would be owned solely by me and you forfeit any right to royalties or ownership? (theres alot of controversy over patents).
new hope, send me an email (PM) .. and go to settings and check the option to be able to receive private messages (it's disabled by default)
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