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I'm looking for people who want to form a team to make a PC game. The end product will be sold and the profits will be split evenly among all the team members. But until then you would be working for free. If you would like to see some of the work I've already done. I made a useful calculator program for a game I used to play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mZFbp7p69c

If you have any questions or want to join the team. Please contact me.

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Email: latchgamedev@gmail.com
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That looked like a pretty professional UI. How long did it take you to finish that in hours approx? I'd be willing to code winsock negotiable if you'd be willing to help me design up a UI for a Home Employment Software. It doesn't have to be nearly as detailed as what you did. It seemed like you are pretty good at graphic design. How much would you charge per hour if you were to take on a job designing some UI and graphics for different projects? You'd be working from home designing the UI for my Home Employment/Networking software.
I'm interested and I think I'll be able to do it in addition to the team I'm putting together. It's hard to remember since I did that a while ago. But I think maybe 2 hours in total was spent in MS Paint. Coding the rest of it took me two days where I was working 7 Hours each day. But that's mainly because I was trying to learn C#/XNA at the same time. Even in the video you can see me switching back and forth between tutorial videos for the XNA stuff. But now I'm back to C++ and OpenGL. Please Email me so we can talk more about the project and what I'll get paid.

Email: latchgamedev@gmail.com
i am a novice in c++ (i am at the "upper bracket" if you will) but I would like to help. I love programmong and would work for free. I can do grunt work and minor tasks, or whatever is needed.
I can be contacted at aramildaern@gmail.com
I'd be willing to join and help out. I'll email you.
Sure id like to be part of a dynamic team working with projects. Im ok with c++ though not the most efficient on the planet.
Email me at anunay144@gmail.com
I am currently in college for software engineering. I'm trying to get as much experience as I can. If you have room on your team I would like to help out.

Email me if u have any questions for me.

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That game will be developed with OpenGL or DirectX (or both)?
I am beginner in C++ and I would love to be part of the team. though I may not be as advanced as many of you guys, I want to join so that I can learn more. my email is adams.elficojohnson7@gmail.com. thanks.
I am working for past 1 year as a c++ developer under unix platform. I would also like to join this team and enhance my skills.

I sent you an email from chuckleluck@gmail.com.
I'm a somewhat new programmer (started about 2-3 years ago) but I know SFML and some Win32, and I'd like to join to be able to feel a little less lonely when I program, and so I could learn more.
I am a developer, simulation software. See one of my pages:
Discrete event simulation tool like Bluesss may be a perfect way to code games. I am ready to cooperate.
i am interested. but like most of the posts i saw i am a beginner. e-mail me at

I am a rookie c++ programmer who needs lots of experience. I would love to work in your team. I only know the basics of programming on c++, and i will learn everything i am asked to learn. my email is Orhan1205@gmail.com.

great greetings
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Can you post the rough specifications of the project here, please? I may be interested in such a project.

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I would like to participate.

I can do algorithms for things such as pathfinding, stealth tactics and such. I could maybe try my hand at map generation.

I'm going to bed right now so I'm too sleepy to wait for the youtube video to finish downloading. I'll e-mail you with my details tomorrow.
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