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Student/Retired Military looking for practice

Hello, Retired Military, soon to have bachelors in Computer Science study numerous programing languages from C++, Java, and HTML. Will soon be looking for work comming up for retirement. However, was looking for practice in the field that I am studying Computer Science most classes took online (because of deployments etc.)so practice and resume bullets to help in later job seeking efforts would be greatly appreciated.Email me at Eagle25FL@yahoo.com if interested or have any questions.
well, you can probably get a job at blizzard or nintendo with the c++ (might have to learn opengl sfml sml or the like) or you can design websites (learn css though). However good practice would be making a short quick rpg with interactive rooms and structs and classes. This isn't neccesarily for those who want to go into gaming, because it can teach you alot about structs, functions, classes, scope, etc.
I have learned a little of css. As far as opengl wouldn't know where to begin on that not only that but WOW and nintendo are pretty big names how could I get practice from these guys I would probably have to interview first I would think. What do you mean rpg? =Programs? Still a little rusty on the classes and parent to child relationship thing. This is why I am going back through the text book I used from my class to rematch some of the things I learned. I was told open source programs it the way to go because its free plus getting a hold of some of the source code is relatively easy. Looked at it and wow there is a lot of code to go through your talking 2000+ lines but anyways though about making some programs but I want to get past the if statements and the while loops etc.. and get into the class aspect of it with making my own #include file and so on so forth with link list and all this to me is complicated but manageable. Any suggestions.....
im sorry let me rephrase. ok rpg stands for roleplaying game. if you don't want to learn a grahics library then yeah bliz and nintendo are out of the question. open projects would be a good way to get some practice. Im not to good with parent to child but if you can make a data structure then you can make a class. alls a header file is a collection of classes structs enum typedef basically its just what you would put in a source file
Thanks Aramil,
appreciate the input practicing a lot like I said going through my book on my own to figure things out. Would like to get into rpg like you said which from the looks of it is some serious coding.
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