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Game development team looking for SDL programmers

We're starting our first game development project here at Pirate Entertainment. The game, codenamed Project Ignition, is to be a 2D top-down shooter, programmed fully in C++ using the SDL library. As we plan to move on to 3D game development in future projects, knowledge of, or willingness to learn, 3D development is essential.

We're a laid-back team, but we do take game development as more than simply a hobby, so some degree of seriousness and dedication is required - but also the wish to be part of a friendly group of developers and designers.

The position would be unpaid for our current (first) game, unless we later make the decision to sell, in which case the profit would be divided equally amongst the team. We do plan to sell future games, however, in which case this could become a paid position.

If you're interested, feel free to email me at jordan.lees1@gmail.com. If you'd like more information or you'd like something to show that we're serious, just send me an email and I'll show you our current game design document.

Hi Jordan

I'd love to work with ya, it would be such a great excercise of my current programming skills, but since I havent rly got any serious experience of any programming project I might lack some essential knowledge.

Since I cant accurately describe my knowledge of c++ I suggest u give me a task, and determine if I've got what it takes based on the result. :)

If u, everything considered, would like me to join ur project, even if I will end up just standing on the side watching the progress, I'd be more than happy.

Could be useful if You choose allegro instead of SDL.
Principles is quite similar of both libraries, but syntax differs.
So if You are interested, PM me.
It would be great practice to take a part in real game development not just personal simple useless games :)

I would love to work in your team. I only know the basics of programming on c++, and i will learn everything i am asked to learn.

Great greetings
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