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Skyrim Online [MMO] Looking for C++ Devs

Note: This is volunteer work/hours


Skyrim Online is a mod for the popular game Skyrim, that takes the game's single player experience and turns it into an online multiplayer experience. . Created in December by French developer Yamashi, it now represents the hard work of multitudes of individuals from varying nationalities and backgrounds. They are intent on getting the mod out of its Alpha version, and crafting it into something spectacular. Skyrim Online will be a player economy driven game with everything from new armor to partying systems.

The Alpha version currently has the following features implemented:
- Other players in the world are displayed as naked prisoners.
- Weather and Time are synchronized.
- Arena mode: Press numpad 8 to fight waves of enemies. Press numpad 9 to stop the spawns.
- General Chat between players. Pop in and say hello.

Features being worked on, or are under discussion:

- Co-op (This includes questing)
- Monster Syncronization (Syncing Skyrim creatures between players)
- Party System
- Trading
- Private Chat
- Dueling/PvP

The next planned update will include item and inventory synchronization.

What we're looking for: Skyrim Online is currently looking for volunteer/hobbyist programmers that are adept to expert level in C++. The ability to co-ordinate and work well within a team is a plus.

Get in touch with us by joining our IRC at irc.freenode.net. Or join our forums at www.skyrim-online.com, and fill out an application.

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