Make Money, 600.000$ a year!!!

Hello guys!

I'm on a project right now, its basicly making a Flyff private server.
I can setup the server and everything myself, did it like 2 years ago so I know how to do it, but I closed it because I didn't know how to make a good website, but here I am, looking for some people who want to help me.

I will pay if you help me, not small amount, I will pay GOOD!
What you need to be able to do:
-Make a simple background
-Make a forum with catagories
-Make a forum register website with email activation (so people doesnt spam)
-Make a donator page
-Make a website shop (pay real cash for ingame items you can't buy from normal shops)
-Make a free hosting website!!!!!! I will maybe change to paying website later if its a succses!

To join the project add me on skype: Hirethecoder
Good money = 300,00$ and more! If its a succses you will get more later!! :)

SKYPE: Hirethecoder
Youtube: TheNorwegianChris
Basically, you are asking people if they want to join an unambiguously illegal project that may or may not pay. I don't think you're in the right forum.
Hang on.... you have "300,00$" but you will "maybe" change to a paid hoster?
Seems dodgy to me.
lol, the guy knows how to set-up a private server, but doesn't know how to use simple xHTML and SQL commands. I'd say "PASS".
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Yeah, some people are so stupid. There's some guy in another thread who can't manage his objects, and when people refused to do his homework for him, he had a hissy-fit.
Just ask for X % up front so the client is committed to the project and won't disappear. I did a job like this a while back and in the end (12 months) ended up with about $6,000 in the bank for only about 3 months of work. I knew the client personally beforehand, so it's a bit different, but the money is out there.
sorry, what's the meaning of "PASS"?
@crawling pasta....... u r right.
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