Sr. Software Engineer C++

Software Engineers can expect to work on pre-compilers, compilers, control system engines, data logging and analysis tools, automation applications, simulators, build system tools, installers as well as the local and remote user interface applications that are necessary to run and support our implanters.
A key advantage to working here is the exposure to a wide variety of software languages (predominantly C++ and C#), technologies and paradigms while learning and developing your systems engineering skills with very complex machinery.

Domain of technologies spans everything from Web-based tools through embedded systems. Primary environment is Windows operating system running Visual Studio 2010 to develop managed and unmanaged applications and libraries for control, data mining, analysis and various infrastructure tools.

Current opening is for a Senior Software engineer, with at least 5 years experience, developing new products using a variety of technologies.

- Bachelor or Master level degree in Software/Systems Engineering or Computer Science preferred.
- Will consider Electrical, Mechanical or Physics degrees with demonstrated coding projects.

- At least 5 years of experience in C++ and / or C#.
- Well versed in object-oriented programming principles.
- Experience with .NET architecture (CLR, WCF and C# programming)
- Experience with high-performance multi-threading in Win32 and .NET
- Experience with GDI,MFC and ATL would be a plus

This is a full time position located in Massachusetts no relocation offered at this time.
If interested please forward your resume to
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