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C++ Tutor looking for work ($10/hr min)

I am a college student 1.5 semesters away from attaining certification in C++ and currently (unofficially) tutor students in my C++ class

Lessons will be in 1hr and 1/2hr blocks. I have a flexible schedule and the lessons will be conducted via Skype (video chat where you can see my computer screen). At the end of each lesson i will provide practice assignments which i will go over and critique when you email them to me, which i will then use to create your next lesson.

You choose how many lessons you want each week, when you want them, and how long each will be. When a set time each week is agreed upon 50% payment will be taken up front, the set time can be changed any week and will begin with the new schedule the following week. Payment will be via pay-pal.

Contact me via email here: elliotmendiola@gmail.com

NOTE: This is a beginner C++ tutoring job, not advanced or windows oriented C++, please know the difference or ask me about it if you need.
What can you teach that we can't learn here or elsewhere for a lower if not without a price?
What you get is someone who will work with you and put what you cant understand into a context that you can, this isnt something for the person that already has used other programming languages extensively and now wants to learn C++, thats just a matter of syntax, but for the beginners who are struggling and post questions that go unanswered because they dont know how to word it so that it will make sense. If you need a reference im sure the person im currently tutoring will have nothing but good comments about my tutoring.

Also, most tutoring costs 15-20 an hour, and im 2/3 to 1/2 of that...

Something else you get is that i get my emails like texts to my cell phone and can immediately or near-immediately respond to any questions you might have
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