programmer needed!

hi i need someone to can make a bot to run php files.

thx in advance (i can pay with paypal).
I have over ten years experience in working with C++.
First of all, let me understand: you want C++ code on Linux that
will execute PHP code?
I have experience with "Roadsend PHP", see :
it will create binaries that will execute PHP code , not need an interpreter.
Let me know.

Best Regards,
first thx for your reply.
sorry but that not work on windows :(
n you tell me how can run php files on windows?
thx again.
It works on Linux and Windows.
There is two possibilities to run PHP files on Windows:
-compile php script with Roadsend and create exe file for Windows
-run external program from C++ code ( php exe interpreter) and specify php script as
argument for php.exe.

how can make a exe file for window?
Roadsend will compile PHP code and convert it into c++ code, then compile C++ and create exe file.
This probably wouldnt run well as an end result application, but great for a start, usually applications made in interpreters are groggy and slow :( ... dont get me wrong im still impressed, thats a pretty cool idea :)
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I know how you can run PHP files in windows. All you have to do is install WampServer. Here is a link:

So what you do is install it. Then launch it out of the start menu...All Programs->WampServer->"start WampServer.exe"
Then an icon will appear on the bottom-right of your screen. Once it is green, click on it. Then click on "www directory". A folder will open. Put your php files in there. Now go to your web browser and type in: http://localhost/yourfilename.php

And thats how you do it.

Note: WampServer must be running.
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You could install XAMPP that installs Apache, MySQL, and PHP to make them run.
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