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video game development team application

Hello, my name is jack frisbie. I am looking for a video game development team. this team would require these people:
•2 more writers.
•10-15 programmers who could work well together.
•5-6 3D wireframe artists.
•music composers.
•world designers.
•and anyone else who has skills that they believe could help this teams success.
The reason I only require 2 more writers for this team is because I myself am a writer, and my stories have gained praise and support from teams including, but not limited to, "luckydaisystudios", "carnation games", and "arrowhead corps.". If you would like to apply for a job on the team, send me an email titled "c++ job application" I check my email regularly and will respond as soon as possible. My email is jackfrisbie@gmail.com along with the email, please attach some of ur works if possible, or a link to something that demonstrates ur skill. This teams first project is a 3D zombie survival game. I will go into more detail when/if u become part of the team. Payment to all team members will be provided by spliting all payments received from sold games evenly between us each month. I hope you guys join the group, thanks for reading this app.

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I'm here to end some controversy. If ur readin this post, then ur either here because I asked u to come to this page and read this story, or ur here because ur flat out interested in the job application. Hopefully the later one, cuase if ur here for the first reason then its probably because ur screen name is specter and this is my way of showing you up. And proving to you that skill can exist in the hands of anyone, including someone who uses short hand. But anyways, back to the main point of this post, this next peice is the current layout of the first game that this team will be working on. Please read and enjoy. :D unless ur specter, in which case, burn in hell. :D

[Voice over]
"Zombies. A relative term. Most people imagin either the stereotypical fast, slow, or mutant zombies, but they have it all wrong. In this world.... no, at the end of the world. They all exist, and they are all out to kill, to eat, to maime. But I'm going to stop them. I'm going to but an end to this hell and bring back the peace that this world once knew. One dead zombie at a time."

[This is the start of an intro scene to the game, during this point zombies are shown running the streets and the dead are shown rising. It is an intro that shows the first few days of the infection as it began, credits are shown throughout this part for all of the voice actors who participate in the games production. Sad music is played as it shows the intro of the dead taking over. Towards the end of this intro bottom right hand corner of the screen shows the words. "One week earlier" and the screen fades out.]

The games starts with a cutscene of the main character, a brown haired kid of 16, about 6" and blue eyes. He is hanging out with his 2 best buds. A girl and guy, bith of the age of 16 as well, but the other guy is blonde with green eyes and stands about 5''6' and the girl who has black hair and brown eyes stands at about 5''2'. They are all on the rooftop of a 2floor school complex that has roof access. The roof access is prohibited to all students, but obviously these three don't care. As they are discussing matters of irelevence, they hear a loud crash. They run over to the edge of the roof that faces the front of the school yard, and see that an ambulence has crashed into the front gates of the school. School staff members run out to help the people who are in the car. As they are helping the men out, the drivers is babbling on and on about a demon. "Don't go near him! The demon! He is risen! Run! Run! Don't let him bite you! They run rampant! Save yourself!" The driver begins to keel over and then falls over onto his side, a wound now noticible on the back of his leg. A bite wound. The staff quickly attempt to help stop the bleeding, but as they are doin this they hear a thud from the back of the vehicle. The principal runs to the back of the vehicle, beleiving that someone is trapped in the ambulance. As he opens the back doors to the ambulence a scream is heard from around the fromt side. (Were the other staff members and the driver are). This distracts the principal for one crucial second. Just long enough for the zombie to attack. The principal screams. And the camera quickly goes back to the maon character and his friends on the roof. They are panick stricken, having watched everything just unfold, and the girl is about to freak. The main character quickly helps. Hold everyone together and make a plan. (The details of this plan and the names of the characters are still not created yet.) At this point the game becomes an actual game, and the player can move around as the main character. In the next few minutes before the infection runs rampant through the school, the player runs through the "tutorial" on his way to the agriculture wing for weapons.

That is everything I have at the moment. Hope you enjoyed it. :D
P.s. specter, I wrote that as I went, no thought added whatsoever, this the results of me being lazy. No imagine what I can do when I try asshole.
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