C++/QT coders wanted

The SecuraGeek Association is looking for volunteers in C++ and QT, whom are willing to assist and help lead multiple security software projects.

Our current projects are for the PC/Mac platforms. Other available projects are involved with mobile apps.

If you're interested, please contact me as soon as possible. We want to get underway critically soon!

We're planning per funding basis (meaning we need funding from external sources) before we can pay for help. Please consider assisting us in this string of projects, as we innovate software.

If you want to be an innovator and put it on your resume, join me. I give good references for those whom help my team!

Contact Jason Pfoutz (Group Leader) at jpvip[at]ymail.com


Andy Wang (Project Manager) at msz006c1a[at]gmail.com


Technical Text:

Programming Language: C++
Other technologies: QT
Management platform: Open and closed source
SCM: Google Code/GIT
Project period: permanent/ongoing
Development beginning: January 2012
I can try to help for C++
hi this is my first post
so this is for helping Google?

I would also like to help but fair warning i am only 12
Hi all,

This is Andy.

Some updates as per discussion between me and Jason.

The idea and software we are building will lead the security industry to a brand new direction. This involves intense innovation and development.

Our initial prototype would be targeted for Linux command line. Porting to Windows with GUI is next on the list and would start right after finishing of the original prototype.

As for multiple projects, we are organizing them under one development route. Thus, they would effectively be branches and successors for the current project in forms of plug-in and extension mostly.

If you are interested in the project, if you want to involve in a brand new industry sector, this project is your obvious choice.

Please contact Jason and me as per Jason's posting above. Once you get in touch with one of us, we can provide additional information as suited.


Technical Text:

Main Language: C++
Third Party Library: QT for GUI
Distribution Environment: Windows, Li/Unix & Mac, mobile
Open Source Compliant: GNU for core software. Further extension and plug-ins not decided.
Subversion System: Google Code. SVN 1.7 and up
IDEs: VS 2010 and up, Vim 7.3 and up
Project period: permanent, ongoing
Current State: In development
Maybe you could you could make a game of if - else statements for a type of rpg!
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