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Hey All,

First post, and I`m already on the jobs forum.

I wanted to post here a job opportunity, for any interested individuals who maybe up for freeware project. The project itself would be to create some aircraft systems for use in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Franchise and would require some experience in C++ to design the systems (within the realm of Microsofts SDK) from available schematics and manuals onto 2-Dimensional panels. This project would be freeware, and doesn't have a set release date (this a freeware group so, it would be released based upon the programmers schedule).

Any interested individuals can contact me via a post directly here, or email the group at For more info or to leave a comment or suggestion, please email me at:

We do have a website,
Hey Guys,

I am still looking for freeware C++ developers interested. This team position would primarily offer programming experience, to those who need it. If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM, or email me at the above. The projects we have currently going, have been temporarily suspended until we have some programmers on board.

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