Software Engineer

We are currently seeking a highly skilled R&D engineer to work as part of our R&D team to help prototyping new services for iBasis. This individual will provide design and development support for prototyping new mobile and internet based telecommunication and communication services.

Ability to quickly learn new technologies, develop new software/scripts and integrate off-the-shelf systems to create new service prototypes.
Ability to write scripts and develop new software as testing tools to verify the functionalities of the new service prototypes.
Design and create test bed environment based on requirements and design of the new service prototypes.
Candidate must be a good team player and be able to work closely with other R&D teams to prototype new services and solutions.
Candidate must be a self starter and be able to think outside the box to help design of new services and prototype the new services.

BS/MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
7 or more years working experiences in mobile communication and internet communication industry as an R&D engineer or software/system engineer
3 or more years of developing software using C, C++ and other general-purpose dynamic language or scripting language such as Perl, Lua
Excellent knowledge of SIP, MAP and Diameter signaling protocols
Working experience or good knowledge of Video Conference system/technology is preferable
Hands-on experience with testing tools and testing methodologies is a plus
Operational experience in GSM network is a plus.
Strong problem analysis and solving skills
Excellent communication skills
Ability to work independently or as part of a group as necessary for the assigned task

Please apply via out website:
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