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I'm in my third semester of c++. I switched from a community college to a university and there are a lot of things I have not covered. I would like to be able to work out problems with. I don't know what would be the best way to interact, maybe skype. Thanks for your time. I would be willing to pay via paypal or we can work something else out. Thank your time.

I have been studying C++ by myself for the past few months, I am currently working on classes but I have previously written over one hundred programs involving C++ and I am working on a program based tutorial including multiple lessons for those who are willing to put in there time to read them. It's in it's Alpha stages but I am willing to work for free to help answer any questions you may have. Please PM me and maybe we can help each other.

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I need an online tutor as well...
I need an online tutor as well...

If you need a tutor you may ask me questions in www.cpp.forum24.ru in the section C/C++ for beginners (it is the first section of the forum). You can write your posts in English.
I would love to but i can't read the menu it's not English?
Yes, menu is written in Russia. But if you need individual studies indeed you can write me a private message here. We will discuss the conditions.
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ilovelearning wrote:
I would love to but i can't read the menu it's not English?

If you use Google Chrome, there is an in-built Google Translate. I assure you, it can help!

I also visited vlad from moscow's site b4, and that's what I used to help me understand.

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