Software tied to one computer?

Hello i had some software made for me by another programmer and i think he has put some sort of protection on it, so i can't use this software on any other computer apart from the one it is installed on now, is anyone in the know how on how to remove this protection so i can run it off of any PC.

I have the following files in the folder.

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Hey first why did you post this here you are not offering an type of job please i am not reporting it but in future please post these type of questions on General C++ Programming . Thanks also i suggest give this an try:
If you use Visual studio 2010 or 2012 do this:go to Project properties then go and find C/c++ then double click it then an list pops down then click on code generation then when clicked on it next to it an other options change then go to runtime library then change the runtime library to Multi-threaded (/MT). This is what i heard of but it worked for me and also people do do that so try it if it works if it does not i do not know what else to do.

This only works with Visual studios. But also i code Network applications so maybe it works for me due to that but i do not know if it may work on you're application so good luck if i am wrong please do not get annoyed or spam me.
Thanks. Please find an appropriate section to put these type of questions
there is probably some file it looks for and if its not there it wont work
Did he ever say you could only have one copy? If so, then cracking it to make multiples is illegal. Why don't you just contact him?
its not illlegal if it doesnt have a licencse. it could just be something like hello world (i no its not but its a good example)
I wrote:
Did he ever say you could only have one copy?

That's essentially what I meant; is there a license. I put it that way because it seems that the program was written exclusively for him, rather than a product meant for the masses.
you know im going to do that i make a hello world: im going to copy right and licencse it. that would be awesome
He put the files on my computer through teamviewer, he used a programme to gather the some information from my computer, the file "computerbenchmark.file" contains the information he took, its 64 letters and numbers seperated by a ":" so maybe its locked to something like the hardrives serial number? Once he had done this he put the rest of the .DLL files and the .exe on my computer. It's not a license I know that much. Would it be something that can be removed so I can use it on any computer? I've posted it in the jobs section as I have no coding knowledge.
oh i get it and this isnt meant to sound mean u want someone to do it for u so u dont screw it up right?
Ideally yes, I mean I am willing to do it myself if its easy enough to do, but it does sound like something that wouldn't be easy.
Put the entire installation of the software into a .rar archive. Then upload it to a file sharing site, then put the link here. Maybe someone will try to crack it for you.
Here is the software guys, thanks.
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