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Hi viewers,
I'm an experienced programmer that specializes in C++ ( mostly game programming )
I'm recruiting some intermediete C++ game programmers. this is a no pay company unless we make profit. We will be using openGL.

All I need is someone with good under standing in C++.
you will get reconized if you help alot in advanced topics like AI programming.

Message me for accountance
Hello, sorry if I am bugging you. I just started c++ a week ago and I started opengl today. I have a few questions about opengl and I was wondering if you could tutor me for just a couple of minutes, maybe on skype?
Is it written for windows? I have a mac but I can also use one of the many windows we have.
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I have 1 year of job experience working in C++ . I am just looking to learn as I already have a job. Are you considering remote assistance too? PM me if you are interested.
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