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Open source project - voluntary workers needed! (Not paid)

You want to improve your C++ skills and at the same time participate in an open source game? Then you are in the right place! OpenClonk is a 2D multiplayer-action-tactics-magic-settlement-shooter-skills game with 3D elements, often referred to as a mixture of "The Settlers" and "Worms". More about the game:
What you need:

C++ knowledge
Ideally some basic understanding of 3D computer graphics

What you get:

You learn a lot about graphics engines and game programming
The good feeling to support an open source game :)

Interested? Just write a message here in the forum, send me an email, or make a post in the official OpenClonk forum:
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Hi I am intrested in the project.I am a c and c++ developer.Can you please join me in your team.

Thanks in Advance
Hi Lakshmi, welcome to the team! As some first steps, I recommend you to introduce yourself a bit in our personal introductions thread:
If you already know what you want to work on, simply contact the mentors mentioned here:
or create a post in the OpenClonk forum:
I'm looking forward to work with you!
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I think your project sounds amazing! Could I join the team? I am a C++ developer that is learning other languages, such as C# and Visual Basic. I can work on the project in my free time. Thanks beforehand!
We are glad to have you in our team! Basically, the same applies for you as for Lakshmi. Introduce yourself (of course this is no must :)), choose a task and contact the mentors.
Every help is appreciated!
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I'd be willing to help, but I don't have a great deal of time to devote to it. I am pretty well versed in C++, with experience in DirectX.
Hello, ResidentBiscuit!
It is perfectly fine that you don't have so much time, we're happy about every contribution. Since you have experience in DirectX, this might be a good task for you:
But of course the choice is yours. I saw that you already introduced yourself, so, feel free to contact a mentor or post an idea in the forum.
I hope you will like the project!
This looks really cool. I'm in the same boat as ResidentBiscuit, I'm pretty good in C++ and game programming, but I don't have tons of time.
Wow, guys, that's amazing! 5 people in just one day! I honestly didn't expected such a great response. And of course, welcome to the team, ModShop! None of the current team works full time or even every day. We do not force anybody into anything, work on the project if you have time and if you want to! :)
Hey everybody - small word of clarification from an actual OpenClonk engine developer. Firstly, the GSoC page is somewhat outdated. At this point in time I would strongly advise against trying to implement DX, as graphics is currently a heavily moving target. I think a better project would actually be something like figuring out bottlenecks in the new OpenGL mech rendering implementation, in case somebody has expertise there.

In any case, I would suggest to anybody with interest to have a look at our game first and build an opinion on what you would like to work on. Then please feel free to contact us on the forum or IRC, so we can talk about the details.
This is a great opportunity I am in. This will allow me to improve my C++ skills that involves games please send me information.
See PeterW's post above for information. I saw you already found our forum. :)
This looks like a very interesting project, but I can't seem to clone the repo...
C:\Users\Sean\Documents>hg clone http://hg.openclonk.org/openclonk/
destination directory: openclonk
requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
transaction abort!
rollback completed
abort: stream ended unexpectedly (got 506385 bytes, expected 514847)

For these kind of problems, please create a post at the OpenClonk forum - there are lots of people who can help you.
Thank you for your interest in the project!
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GPYRoader wrote:
"C++ knowledge"

You're going to need to be more specific than that.

this game looks fun. its not everyday you get to hang from the ceiling and blow a cavern with TNT.
can i please join this project? i have experience in Java, C++, C and i have used the SDL and SFML libraries in C++. Past projects include small databases and a bit of graphics. I would like to participate because i am really eager to improve my C++ programming skill.
Hi supdawg!
I'm glad you're interested. Please inform yourself in the forums
To quote PeterW:
In any case, I would suggest to anybody with interest to have a look at our game first and build an opinion on what you would like to work on. Then please feel free to contact us on the forum or IRC, so we can talk about the details
Hello all,

I am also interested in being part of the team and eager to code and sharpen my skills as well.
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