Looking for C++ Coders

I am currently looking for C++ coders. I really need them! If they can really help me out, They might get paid. I have a site and need help on it. If they can make like small cheats for games Like Combat Arms, CrossFire, etc. If You would like to apply please Contact me at kamran1@26bh.ca or PM me.

Best Regards,
Im interseted to join hands with you to develop c++ code
ur looking in the wrong place for C++ coders. :) what are the requirements?
Well, If you can make good cheats like his.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EfYXB-5jvTg#at=202 Or atleast make small cheatts like aimbot, Godmode, then U can come.
Please add me on Kamran4000@hotmail.com for more info Or add me on Skype: Kamran60001

We can talk there.
any body pls help me to learn more abt cpp progrm
I am interested. I am 2+ Year C++ ,VC++ Programmer. my skypeID: mota.pratik
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