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LOOKING for project to do! Group or Solo!

Hi i am an amateur c++ programmer. i am looking for a project to do that isnt too easy and isnt extremely difficult. i am familiar with the SDL and SFML libraries and i know how OOP works and i also understand the basic concept of template meta programming. i have the basics down so i am looking for some practice to do.

i can work in a group or alone.

reply to this thread or email me at chillaxers@hotmail.com
Hello. I just recently picked up on C++ and I am very new to it. I know I would not be productive in a group activity compared to how much you know, but I think it could be a good experience for me. I have some good ideas for things to develop, and would love to be able to learn some more as well. I am still reading the first book I picked up on C++ and I am loving it so far. If you consider me to be able to learn from you, or help a little in a group project, or even give you an idea let me know. Thanks in advance.
we could start something together. exactly how far are you into programming? and c++ in general? i just want an idea of where you are at.
Now far at all. I would not be very useful but I am a fast learner. I know text commands and that's about it. Like I can make a program that needs to be logged into to be accessed, but that's about it right now. I am on my first c++ book, but as I said I am a fast learner and will buy the next book when needed. I do not expect to be able to help, but seeing something be coded, and seeing what it does helps me greatly. Hopefully soon ill be able to do more.
I am also on my first c++ book, but know some baics at the moment learning a bit more about functions and stuff. Although I know basics of loops and arrays. I can try to help, if possible.
I am reading C++ primer plus and am about 300 pages in if that helps you get an idea were im at :) Its very enjoyable and im just starting to dig a bit deeper in functions! Maybe some kind of text based adventure game were you can respond to questions and those answers define how people in the game interact with you.
alrite thats good to hear. im aiming to do something a bit more advanced then a text based game but its good that you guys are learning fast. you can check out this link with many c++ tutorials about the basics.

Thank you, but the book im reading is very good because it touches every little detail. :) And I like reading, but ty anyways.
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