C++ Game Programming Venture

Hello everyone! We are a small startup independent game company based in San Francisco, CA - we're working on a C++ - based PC game to be distributed digitally using a modified Source Engine from VALVE LLC (deferred rendering instead of forward). We're a small team of 8 people and we have all the necessary skillset to complete the game, our team have worked together on previous non-commercial projects for a long time so we're less like a company and more like a commune. Sadly, our current programmer have encountered some issues in his personal life and will no longer be able to contribute so we're looking for someone else to take up his mantle.

The game is a singleplayer firstperson sci-fi horror adventure title, it has been in preproduction since GDC 2012 and have only begun production recently. We already have most of the details fleshed out and just need to apply labor to build to game.

Basic requirements

- Previous knowledge with any game engine/game development a plus.
- Proficiency in C++ required.
- A passion for independent game development is good but not necessary.
- HLSL / CSS / HTML / JS knowledge a plus.*

*We'll be integrating Awesomium into the game.

If you are interested, please email us at : hello@ominous1.net
Our previous project : http://www.canvasgame.com/

We will compensate you for your time, but will discuss the rates on an individual basis.

Thank you very much for your time!
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