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Looking for someone to do a C++ project related to finance

This is a very small project related to finance by using excel as well.
Here is basic concept:
•Design and implement the functions to build a zero curve.
o BuildZeroCurve
The curve should take prices of liquid market instruments as inputs:
•Cash Rates
•Futures Prices
•Swaps Rates
Please refer to attachments Curve Example and Tokyo Holiday for detail input requirements.

For a given curve, GetDiscountFactor will return the discount factor for an input date.

•Submission requirements:
oVC++ project readily rebuilding the application
oHigh level pseudocode for key functions
oInput formats and sample working input file
oAll assumptions
oUser guide including an example of usage
I am a new C++ programmer, have no idea how to do this. If someone is interested in this job, please contact with me at brucynew@gmail.com.
i sent mail.. i am 3 Year Exp in C++, finance/Trading Software development

Email: mota.pratik@gmail.com
Skype: mota.pratik
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