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Proffessional C++ Tutor Looking for work

As the titled says I am a professional C++ tutor looking for more students. I work through The Tutor Crowd (www.thetutorcrowd.com) providing high quality tutoring to students ranging from the dyslexic to the postgraduate and adult learners.

We work around the world via Adobe Connect and Skype sharing our computer screens and whiteboards to demonstrate and share with our students.

You can have a 1 hour free trial with The Tutor Crowd with each tutor so you can test them out. After that the average price (determined by each tutor individually) is 29 British Pounds or ~$48 USD.

I personally specialize in C++ and Computing (The generic use of computers including Microsoft Office, Cross Platform Training, etc) ranging from new learners to those practicing advanced data structures.

My experience includes ~1 year of professional tutoring, 2 years of formal computer science training, 3 years of learning various programming/scripting languages informally, including Java, JavaScript, Python, vJass, and HTML, as well as Cross Platform training in high school and experience using Microsoft Office (Primarily Excel).

To contact me you can go to www.thetutorcrowd.com and browse by subject (coding or computing), or you can use my contact information listed below:
Work: (714) 594-7270
Email: elliotmendiola@gmail.com
Name: Elliot Mendiola
My company currently outsources most of our software development for industrial displays. It is in C++ and has been modified by several individuals previously. I have a semester of formal c++ education but it has been ten years past. I can navigate but I can't create or modify efficiently. What I would like to do is give you a sample of current program and let you look at it. I can then explain what types of changes we often need made. We can base our training off that if possible. I am not sure if I need to go back to square one first or not. Perhaps this would be something you could decide. Please let me know your thoughts.

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