Fighting Game Design

Code writer needed for a 3D fighting game. I am second year college student in the beginning stages of starting a company called American Animators Network. I would like to create a 3D fighting game using characters created in Maya and Adobe Photoshop. I need someone (or a few people) who know(s) enough C++ in order to develop the game. I know some C++, but not nearly enough to do it myself.
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I am 3 year Exp C++, VC++ Developer from India.
FYI:- i have not worked in Gaming domain yet.. but very well in C++.

Skype: mota.pratik
You know if you want to make a 3D game you'll probably want 3D models as oppossed to multiple sprites made to look 3 dimensional. That my friend is where I can help you, I have been looking to express my 3D modelling skills for quite some time now. I am very good with 3ds max so I can create 3D characters and scenery as well as animations ready for you to program into your game. PM me if you are interested. Im not looking to make money, just to strengthen my skills.
send me your assignments directly at
i can help on payment basis
I'm learning C++ and Windows Programming now. And I have read the book Programming Windows by Charles Petzold. I can make some small games, so I guess maybe I can help in your team.
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