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Volunteers needed for open source game.

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I am here developing a Text-Based-Game called "Monster Fighter". If you want to improve your programming skills in a voluntary project (Not Paid), this is the right place for you. We would like to make this as fun for everybody.

Right now i have a few tasks open for anybody who wants to help.

Prototypes code to go into the game to improve the game.
Tests the game for bugs, glitches, balance, and more.
Responsible for posting updates to the game, and coming up with new ideas to improve the game. 

What you need:
1)A Facebook Account.
2)Ability to work cooperatively with others.
3)The ability to get work done in a timely manner
4)Preferably Knowledge of JavaScript/html/CSS languages

What you get:
1)Great job experience.
2)A fun game for everybody to play.

If you would like to join for this fun project please leave a comment below and email me @ bigbrother328@cox.net
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i would lyk 2 be part of this project. I myt stl new in gme programming but either way around as a coder or overviewer is fine.
you can join, codings not a problem, right now i currently have to convert it into javascript so i can publish my game online (but prototyping code, and coming up with ideas still helps, cuz ill have to convert something similar to add it to the game)

sent you a pm, please read it.
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I would like to volunteer, however I only know C++ and only the basic so if you think I could help then feel free to contact me.
all help works, even beginner programmers can develop useful code (it may not be advanced or well organized, but even prototyping something which alot of people and companies do can save alot of time for the developers of the game itself)
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I am quite good at text-based games. I would love to help out in an open-source project!
Hi... I would like to be part of this game development. I have 2years of C++ exp and i know java script coding..
im just above a novice c++ programmer but if u r interested in my help i welcome te experience.
great, i can use your help as i need to convert the whole game to javascript to post it online, so your exactly the person i need, add me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Brandon.Keeler2?ref=tn_tnmn and if you can send me a message saying your adding me for the game and you will be added to the project right away

you can join too, and ill be happy to put you to work, ill start you off on the text-based-game-map if you decide to join

if you want to join follow the same instructions i said for yellaiahbhayya

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Hello ,

I have strong programming skills in C++ ( MFC --Graphics programming - GDI , DirectWrite,Direct2d & Socket programming)

Please can I do something for you? ... I am very much interested in gaming programming .as of now i am a novice programmer in gaming .... i am ready to do anything for this project to enhance my skills
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Hello, I would like to join this fun project too,i have 3 years experience in java & c++.
i too would like to help. this will allow me to gain experience :)
you got any idea were i can get a bci soft crew? you looked well populated so i thought i would ask as for me i do html and some java not much c++ have to learn the code, but i am interested in learning experiances. in case you wondered about the html the canvas can be used for isometric games, but the bci thing is important.
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I wold love to help! I wold like to be a Game-Tester
Hit me up on Skype if you wold like to talk/ or Give me more info.
Skype name - crs217
for me and at 00049550@my.costaatt.edu.tt
I only look at emails, and rarely go on the forums, if you want to join, email me (along w/ your fb name), and i will reply back
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I would like to apply as a coder and a game tester.
Lets see if i could help,

Have a vague knowledge on Allegro modules.

fb id: saipavanboddu@gmail.com
Hi man, I sent to u a e-mail. :)

I could work as game-tester or coder.
hi man, am still learning c++ but i would like to get involved so soon.
is there any way you can help learn the language faster?
email: gasuzasilvestre@gmail.com
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